Thursday, November 2, 2017

❤︎Vintage Life❤︎

I have always been into things that are before my time. I always loved older vintage items. Doug got me a record player for my Christmas gift last year. I was at the thrift store looking for goodies. I managed to pick up some records that fit my hipster style. Only paid 1 dollar for each record! Happy girl! I wish I found some Elvis ones though. Going to the flea market this weekend. So fingers crossed! I hope to find some there!!

❤︎Current Reads!❤︎

I am really looking forward to these new holiday reads. I had saw them shared online for a month! I love Harlequin books. So I am sure these will be the perfect steamy holiday read for me! I love Debbie Macomber books. I look forward to digging right into Merry & Bright. I love leaving book reviews on GoodReads as well. It is fun when you are bored! Plus it helps other writers when you do!

❤︎Bullet Journals❤︎

So I started to enjoy the art that is the bullet journal. I was not to thrilled with the last one I did. So, I did a new one. This one I think turned out ten times better. Plus I am having so much fun creating this new one! It is becoming a good hobby for me to have! And keep me up to date with things I need to do!

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