Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Said Is Dead!

Said Is Dead:
So said is dead.

What do I mean by that? Simple really. So many new and old writers on wattpad are saying he said this or she says that. There are so many other ways to say it. Many other ways to express your characters. I am by no means a professional writer. But here are a few tips of the trade I have learned over the years. I saw this on Pinterest when I was looking up writing tips. Said is dead. They had a list of phrases on other ways to creatively say said.

Here are some ideas for you:

Paragraph Sample:

Wrong Way:

In the heat of the argument her blood boiled in her veins. She was furious with him. She hated him. And she wanted him to know it to. She says, “I hate your guts”

Better Way:

In the heat of the argument her blood boiled in her veins. She was furious with him. She hated him. And she wanted to know it. “I hate your guts!” she huffs under her breath so low he could hear the hatred seep out.

The Wrong Way:

In the heat of the argument her blood boiled in her veins. She was furious with him. She hated him. And she wanted him to know it to. She said “I hate your guts”

In the heat of the argument her blood boiled in her veins. She was furious with him. She hated him. And she wanted him to know it to. She hisses “I hate your guts”

Get the clues?

You can describe how your character is feeling this way. It is easier on your readers to get a better visual aid when you express how they are feeling. What they are doing. I know it can be annoying. You already see these characters in your head. But if you want your readers to see what you see then this is the way to do it.

I have been working on my own projects, sending thing into publishers. I had been rejected. They told me I have great ideas. Which that was great they did not say I sucked. Or to stop writing lol. But they said I needed to be more descriptive with my writing. I am learning as I go. Working on my crafts. I know other writers on wattpad can often struggle with this too.

I noticed in my friends’ novel she always says he said this. Or she says that. It got kind of boring. Of course, I did not tell her that. Becareful not to barf information on your readers about the characters to where they can get bored. That can be a bit too much to. There is a fine line between planning. I think it is a clever idea to read on writing tips. Even if you are a great writer you can still learn things to make your books even better than before!

Don’t feel bad if you have miss used says or said. Remember what you read here. Try other ways to say said. Hope this helps! Happy summer guys!! Wow time flies when you are having fun huh? June is already here!

The Watty's 2017

So it's another year for The Watty's 2017, I do not enter wattpad contests any more. Because they are all rigged. Wattpad only picks their favorites to win, so why bother entering contest?

I did enter my fantasy retelling "Jane" into the Watty's. Why? Because it does help your reads & votes go up on your wattpad books! So yes I entered!! Do I expect to win? No, no I do not!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

❤︎How To Write A Hit Fantasy Wattpad Novel!❤︎

Thinking of writing fantasy for a Watty novel?

Are you team Edward or team Jacob?
I tried writing vamps but truthfully I kind of scared myself so I tried out writing werewolf.

Now I know werewolves are not cute little puppy dogs your going to pick up at the local pet store! But I gave it a go! My first werewolf novel "Pounce" is now up, completed & competing in the Wattys this year! Plus the third book to this series "Moonbeams" will be making an entrance in the Summer Wattpad Block Party!

So how did I decide to write wolf men? How did I get so good at it? Trust me I was scared at first to even attempt to write werewolf stories. I did not even know the difference between a werewolf & a shifter. Or why wolves & witches tend not to get a long.

What did I do to become better at my craft?

Reached out to my Wattpad community. Checked out the WattyWolves on here!

They help with questions and are packed full of helpful information you might need to know!
That's the great thing about the Wattpad community. Someone is just around that page to help encourage you to write your best novel yet!

So what is the difference between a shifter and a werewolf?

A shifter can change at any time. Day or night. I learned a werewolf can only change at midnight! Learning facts also helps make your future book great! If you jump in not knowing what your talking about it could very well ruin you're project. And cause you to lose out on readers.


Let's talk about them. A good cover and a catchy title help in the long run. I look up photos on Pinterest to We Heart It. I use apps like photo blend, and phonto for my covers. A sexy simple cover can help catch the eye of the beholder.

Book trailers.

Sometimes if you can create a YouTube book trailer to promote your Watty book do so! This also helps give people a better visual aide on what to expect in your story. It's kind of like going to the movies and watching the previews to see what you want to watch next. You make you're readers want to see what they have to look forward to reading next!

What not to do in a werewolf book?
There are so many titles out there with "My Alpha Rejects Me" "My Alpha Mate" try the make your title stand out from the rest. If yours blends in with the crowd it just might get over looked. You want you're book to stand out. To grab their attention!

To rip their shirt off or not to rip it off, that is thee question.

So you're sexy wolf man transforms at night. Question is how many shirts will he go through? Or will he stripe down to nothing so he can save money to take out his mate on a date?

These are tips I learned to think about while writing werewolf books! Hope this helps future wolf writers on Wattpad!

❤︎How You Can Join The Wattpad Block Parties!❤︎

Here is my article for the next issue I will send images on Facebook since it worked better that way!

Hope you like it!

Dalaina From The Block
I'm sorry.
I had to.

You get it right?!
Jenny from the block?
Dalaina from the block??

Lol. Any who...
I'm in the upcoming special spectacular Wattpad Summer Block Party!!

(Cues cricket noises here)

So how does one get into this block party you might ask?

I found out about the block party once some of my Watty friends starred in the Winter Block Party! Yup I missed out on that bad boy. But I soon found I wanted to take part in the next one.

How did I win my golden ticket from Kelly?


I asked about how to. I followed thee lovely Kelly Ann. Waited for announcements. Then when she posted how to sign up I did so! Bam! Done! And done.

Next came the wait game.

Am I in?

Am I out?

Did I make the squad Kelly...(sorry there high school flash back moments)

Then low and behold....

An email. Or golden ticket if you will came!

I was in!!

They like me!!

They really like me!

(More cricket sounds)

Anyway next was being in the fab Facebook party to chit chat how it's going down. What to expect & deadlines too. Next is picking out what you plan to send to Kelly. A golden oldy story that's done or a new one?

That is up to you!

You also get interviewed for the block party.

Get to host contests & other fun goodies!

Come on don't be sad your not in this round for the block party!

Just wait!

You never can tell what Kelly will be up there next! So be sure to follow her. Stalk her Twitter jk only if she likes that...and Cinderella you shall get to dance at that ball to!

One day!

I promise!

Oh yea...one last thing before I go.

Follow Kelly!

Add the Summer Wattpad Block Party to your reading list to learn more!

Doooo itttt!

Maybe you will be in the next block party!

Who knows right?

❤︎Finish That Wattpad Book!❤︎

So, you joined wattpad.


You have novels waiting to be written that are dwelling an ache in your heart. Where to begin? What to start on? Ever have so many ideas that it makes it hard to focus on just one story? Been there. Done that. Bought the tee shirt. As anyone can see I have nearly 30 novels on my wattpad page. Before you go saying omg Dalaina why so many? Listen here now. Lol. I have been on wattpad since 2013. Now it is 2017. Figure the time frame there. Lots of ideas. Lots of writing. Lots of fun reading. I know of someone who literally post ideas just to get votes. Just as some join to get lots of followers. You know the type.

They follow you to get a follow on wattpad or any other sight then unfollow you after you do to make themselves look like a star writer. That is just bad class if that is the way you are getting famous on wattpad. Karma does come back around. Any who getting off subject now. This girl I know has 300 wattpad stories. I am thinking good lord woman how to you keep up with all that?

I have enough as it is. I try my best to finish all my wattpad stories. This girl does not have a single finished book on her wattpad account. No hate. Don’t get me wrong. I just wonder what the purpose of all that is? Why so many? To get attention? Or to enjoy writing. One of my guilty pleasures is reading my own work on wattpad. So, I write things I want to read. Lame I know. But eh lol. We all do it.

How does one keep up with all the wattpad ideas you post? So many good books go unfinished. So many readers give up waiting for updates. How do you stay pumped? Stay focused on the task at hand? Do you keep a writing schedule?

Some writers I have seen on here post on their page they only update every Monday, Sunday etc. etc. But I am not sure I can run like clockwork to do that. If I want to update something that is on my mind, then then that is what I want to update at that time. Maybe the schedule thing is for you? Maybe it will help you finish writing that wattpad novel.

Most of my work is finished. I do try to update something at least once a week. Sometimes twice a week if I feel motivated doing so. Some people are challenging themselves by doing camp naoramo. Where you give yourself a writing goal to meet by the end of the month. A lot of novel ideas have gotten finished by doing this challenge.

I just keep my own pace. It seems to be doing just fine that way. Everyone is different. Everyone loves to write. I hate to see writers discouraging other writers because of unfinished work. Or lack of grammar. No writer is perfect. We are all not the same. If we were nothing new would ever be interesting to read. Am I right? You know I am.

Here are tips that help me finish my writing:

Stay focused.

Dream often.

Plot thickens.

Plan ahead.

Hope these things will help you to finish that wattpad book! Go get writing! Do not leave your readers hanging!

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