Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ways Not To Catch The Flu Bug!!

Here are my thoughts on staying warm and healthy this bitter cold winter: 1) Always bundle up when your going out in the cold. You may just be rushing in and out quickly. But when your body looses heat then you can get cold and then the runny nose starts. Keep that body heat! 2) Do not go out unless you have to. If your a stay at home mommy, or can stay inside at home, I would. It saves money and keeps you away from all those germs out there! 3) Wipe off those handles on grocery carts! They are covered in germs. Most stores have wipes at the front with the carts. Take the time to wipe them off before you use them! 4) Stay away from your sick friends! If your friend has a cold you can wait to see them. They are just a phone call away. Or just Skype or Facetime with them if you really miss them. 5) Do not spred germs! If you do know your sick, stay home. Keep it away from family and friends! They will be thankful you did!! Stay safe and warm this winter friends! I am sure ready for some summer time about now!!!

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