Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Doug's Birthday!

It was my hubby's 37th birthday yesterday. And his sister Tina's. Which was funny they are not twins. But they were both adopted from Korea! Go figure! We celebrated by going to a Detroit Tiger's Game on his birthday. He is a die hard Tiger's fan. It was my first game ever. We were in the front row. Row 7. It stopped raining in time for the game! I was feeling pretty bad. I came down with a bad cold and had to go to the doc's today. I am sure I will be better in no time flat! Ladies night will be going on in our town this friday. So I really want to get better by then to see all my gal pals and have some fun. Hope your having a good week! Oh yea I big stepped for Aaron Goodwin at the game and he ReTweeted me. He loved it! Totally made my night!

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