Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Elda" An Ebook Only On Wattpad

My new project I am working on is my little romance book called "Elda" I was inspired by one of my favorite authors named Debbie McComber to write this one! My username on wattpad is Groovykindoflove to find me! Here is a little bit about it: When Clare's beloved Aunt Martha passes away she leaves Clare her old home out in St. Shorelines in NC which is a quaint little town by the shores of the ocean Clare dreams of living! Her Aunt also leaves behind her little used book store to Clare. Finding herself newly divorced, she moves to the old beloved town. To make a new start. Not to fall in love. That all changes when, she finds a stray kitty whom, she names Elda. Soon her owner comes to find her! Mitchell Hayward! Clare makes a new friend in Mitchell Hayward. He is not looking for romance either after losing his wife to cancer. He has had with his life after having his wife's beloved cat run off on him to is more then he can take to top things off going on in his busy life. Clare takes Elda off his hands. Will Clare soon take his heart ache off his hands as well?

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