Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Taco Pasta Salad! A Dinner Time Recipe! Easy To!

My Aunt is coming over for a visit this weekend. So I wanted something simple to make for dinner. Everyone loves it! It is called "Taco Pasta Salad" I found this gem on Pinterst of course. I love that sight! Here is all you are going to need for the pasta salad: Ingredients: 1 box of spiral pasta noodles 1 can of black olives or green. 1 pkg of taco seasoning. (My fav is the Taco Bell kind) 1 pkg of small ripe tomatoes 1 bag of nacho cheese Doritos Directions: Boil water on high in a pan. When boiling add pasta into cook. Cook noodles until tender or done. Drain the water. First add the pkg of taco seasoning in the noodles. Stir well together. Then crunch up bag of chips into small pieces. Chop up olives and tomatoes into small slices. Add it all in. Mix it up well. Set in the fridge for a half of an hour to hour. You can sprinkle cheese on top or sour cream if you wish to. It is really good. My whole family loved it! It is easy and quick to make to! Enjoy!

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