Tuesday, January 5, 2016

♥The Billion Dollar Break-Up♥ A Wattpad Novel!

Ashton Maxford, was the son of a billionaire. He's spoiled, arrogant and used to getting whatever he wants. From cars to women he has his pick. His father sends him after a daughter of another wealthy man, whom his father wants her fathers company. Can he get her to marry him? It will help his fathers business if he lands this woman into his bed. Can he seal this deal without her knowing it's a plot to go after her fathers money? Violet Harris, is definitely, wealthy as well as used to the finer things in life thanks to her father spoiling her. She's no stranger to heartache. She's used to men chasing her. For her looks as well as her money. She knows just why Ashton Maxford has set his sights on her. Can she win in this cat and mouse game? Or will she lose her heart in a deadly gamble with love, lust, and desire? Copyright @dalainarenee 2015 Warning: Sexual scenes. Must be 18 or older to read.

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