Friday, December 16, 2016

Debbie Macomber's Twelve Day's Of Christmas Novella!

I have been reading a lot these past bitter cold winter days! I bought a lot of Debbie Macomber's Christmas romances!! I finished her "Twelve Days Of Christmas" book 📚 and I really loved it so much! It's engaging, it draws you in right away!

Once I started reading I could not put the novel down! It's about a girl who loves Christmas with all her heart. Her next door neighbor has had so much horrid thing happen in his life he's turned into a real life Scrooge!

She posts a blog and is determined to get this Scrooge into loving Christmas again even if it means she might lose her own Christmas spirit to do so! I recommend it highly!

I finished reading that now I'm into Debbie's "Christmas In Alaska!" It has two stories in one book! I read "Mail Order Bride!" Which these two aunt's trick their heart broken niece into thinking she won a trip to Alaska when really the aunt's sent a letter to a man who was looking for a mail order bride.

It was sweet, enjoyable to read. I loved it! I'm now working on the second book in the one book! I can't wait to finish it! So far I'm truly enjoying it! 📚💕

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