Wednesday, February 8, 2017

❤︎For The Record!❤︎

I hate that youtube has a dislike button on videos. I think it is tacky. And mean of them to do. To anyone. I think it gives haters a reason to be mean on there though youtube says they do not like bullies. They are allowing this! For the record I have left my exfriends page on youtube alone. A friend of a friend told me someone disliked her videos again. I have not saw her page or disliked any of her videos. I wish her well on her youtube page. I hope that she somehow sees this message and leaves my videos alone. Because I have not disliked anything of hers. It was sad when she stopped being my friend. I had done nothing to her to start with. She just unsubbed to my channel then when I asked why she yelled at me. So I blocked her and left her alone. I am not a mean hearted person. I do not troll others. I have a life. I am trying to make my own channel grow. I am working hard and promoting myself. I will not keep this post up long. But that is all I have to say on that. I hope her hater leaves her alone. No one should be bullied or hated on. It is not right for anyone to do to someone. I also wish her the best with her channel. I doubt she will even read this. But I tried. That is all that matters in the end. If you enjoy vlogs and everyday hauls. Then please come by my youtube channel. My username is DalainaRenee on there to find me! Check me out! -----Dalaina Renee

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