Wednesday, February 8, 2017

❤︎Writing Plans & Goals!❤︎

I have many plans to finish writing my romance novels. I have so many good ideas. But not a lot of time to spend on them. I hope to finish one project up this winter. I plan to send it in to a publisher when I am finished with it. But my hands have been bothering me a lot these past weeks. I have had carpel tunnel syndrome in my hands. That is not good for a writer to have. I just really love this one idea that I plan to write. Even if I cannot find a publisher to place it into a book then I plan to go to createspace and self publish my book for my own wishful needs. I am very excited to start these new projects. I will be sharing them on wattpad with the world as I go! More to come! Hope all is well with everyone! -----Dalaina Renee

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