Sunday, April 2, 2017

❤︎Finish That Wattpad Book!❤︎

So, you joined wattpad.


You have novels waiting to be written that are dwelling an ache in your heart. Where to begin? What to start on? Ever have so many ideas that it makes it hard to focus on just one story? Been there. Done that. Bought the tee shirt. As anyone can see I have nearly 30 novels on my wattpad page. Before you go saying omg Dalaina why so many? Listen here now. Lol. I have been on wattpad since 2013. Now it is 2017. Figure the time frame there. Lots of ideas. Lots of writing. Lots of fun reading. I know of someone who literally post ideas just to get votes. Just as some join to get lots of followers. You know the type.

They follow you to get a follow on wattpad or any other sight then unfollow you after you do to make themselves look like a star writer. That is just bad class if that is the way you are getting famous on wattpad. Karma does come back around. Any who getting off subject now. This girl I know has 300 wattpad stories. I am thinking good lord woman how to you keep up with all that?

I have enough as it is. I try my best to finish all my wattpad stories. This girl does not have a single finished book on her wattpad account. No hate. Don’t get me wrong. I just wonder what the purpose of all that is? Why so many? To get attention? Or to enjoy writing. One of my guilty pleasures is reading my own work on wattpad. So, I write things I want to read. Lame I know. But eh lol. We all do it.

How does one keep up with all the wattpad ideas you post? So many good books go unfinished. So many readers give up waiting for updates. How do you stay pumped? Stay focused on the task at hand? Do you keep a writing schedule?

Some writers I have seen on here post on their page they only update every Monday, Sunday etc. etc. But I am not sure I can run like clockwork to do that. If I want to update something that is on my mind, then then that is what I want to update at that time. Maybe the schedule thing is for you? Maybe it will help you finish writing that wattpad novel.

Most of my work is finished. I do try to update something at least once a week. Sometimes twice a week if I feel motivated doing so. Some people are challenging themselves by doing camp naoramo. Where you give yourself a writing goal to meet by the end of the month. A lot of novel ideas have gotten finished by doing this challenge.

I just keep my own pace. It seems to be doing just fine that way. Everyone is different. Everyone loves to write. I hate to see writers discouraging other writers because of unfinished work. Or lack of grammar. No writer is perfect. We are all not the same. If we were nothing new would ever be interesting to read. Am I right? You know I am.

Here are tips that help me finish my writing:

Stay focused.

Dream often.

Plot thickens.

Plan ahead.

Hope these things will help you to finish that wattpad book! Go get writing! Do not leave your readers hanging!

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