Sunday, April 2, 2017

❤︎How To Write A Hit Fantasy Wattpad Novel!❤︎

Thinking of writing fantasy for a Watty novel?

Are you team Edward or team Jacob?
I tried writing vamps but truthfully I kind of scared myself so I tried out writing werewolf.

Now I know werewolves are not cute little puppy dogs your going to pick up at the local pet store! But I gave it a go! My first werewolf novel "Pounce" is now up, completed & competing in the Wattys this year! Plus the third book to this series "Moonbeams" will be making an entrance in the Summer Wattpad Block Party!

So how did I decide to write wolf men? How did I get so good at it? Trust me I was scared at first to even attempt to write werewolf stories. I did not even know the difference between a werewolf & a shifter. Or why wolves & witches tend not to get a long.

What did I do to become better at my craft?

Reached out to my Wattpad community. Checked out the WattyWolves on here!

They help with questions and are packed full of helpful information you might need to know!
That's the great thing about the Wattpad community. Someone is just around that page to help encourage you to write your best novel yet!

So what is the difference between a shifter and a werewolf?

A shifter can change at any time. Day or night. I learned a werewolf can only change at midnight! Learning facts also helps make your future book great! If you jump in not knowing what your talking about it could very well ruin you're project. And cause you to lose out on readers.


Let's talk about them. A good cover and a catchy title help in the long run. I look up photos on Pinterest to We Heart It. I use apps like photo blend, and phonto for my covers. A sexy simple cover can help catch the eye of the beholder.

Book trailers.

Sometimes if you can create a YouTube book trailer to promote your Watty book do so! This also helps give people a better visual aide on what to expect in your story. It's kind of like going to the movies and watching the previews to see what you want to watch next. You make you're readers want to see what they have to look forward to reading next!

What not to do in a werewolf book?
There are so many titles out there with "My Alpha Rejects Me" "My Alpha Mate" try the make your title stand out from the rest. If yours blends in with the crowd it just might get over looked. You want you're book to stand out. To grab their attention!

To rip their shirt off or not to rip it off, that is thee question.

So you're sexy wolf man transforms at night. Question is how many shirts will he go through? Or will he stripe down to nothing so he can save money to take out his mate on a date?

These are tips I learned to think about while writing werewolf books! Hope this helps future wolf writers on Wattpad!

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