Sunday, April 2, 2017

❤︎How You Can Join The Wattpad Block Parties!❤︎

Here is my article for the next issue I will send images on Facebook since it worked better that way!

Hope you like it!

Dalaina From The Block
I'm sorry.
I had to.

You get it right?!
Jenny from the block?
Dalaina from the block??

Lol. Any who...
I'm in the upcoming special spectacular Wattpad Summer Block Party!!

(Cues cricket noises here)

So how does one get into this block party you might ask?

I found out about the block party once some of my Watty friends starred in the Winter Block Party! Yup I missed out on that bad boy. But I soon found I wanted to take part in the next one.

How did I win my golden ticket from Kelly?


I asked about how to. I followed thee lovely Kelly Ann. Waited for announcements. Then when she posted how to sign up I did so! Bam! Done! And done.

Next came the wait game.

Am I in?

Am I out?

Did I make the squad Kelly...(sorry there high school flash back moments)

Then low and behold....

An email. Or golden ticket if you will came!

I was in!!

They like me!!

They really like me!

(More cricket sounds)

Anyway next was being in the fab Facebook party to chit chat how it's going down. What to expect & deadlines too. Next is picking out what you plan to send to Kelly. A golden oldy story that's done or a new one?

That is up to you!

You also get interviewed for the block party.

Get to host contests & other fun goodies!

Come on don't be sad your not in this round for the block party!

Just wait!

You never can tell what Kelly will be up there next! So be sure to follow her. Stalk her Twitter jk only if she likes that...and Cinderella you shall get to dance at that ball to!

One day!

I promise!

Oh last thing before I go.

Follow Kelly!

Add the Summer Wattpad Block Party to your reading list to learn more!

Doooo itttt!

Maybe you will be in the next block party!

Who knows right?

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